Through the Opera Glass (2022)

We obsessively count and measure in order to better understand the world. This digital existence is in a way a primitive life, which was established by counting with our fingers. Daily life continues to shape itself within a digital framework. Over time, we have made more tools that make us see the world in a data-centric way, changing how we use our instincts and experiences to understand reality. Through the Opera Glass, a title referencing the first birdwatchers’ guide symbolizes the shift from traditional observation to modern data collection methods. While doing this, the work visually explores the ways in which birds can be translated into data and used as a source of information. The bird, a symbol of freedom, and its observer represent a larger story: the paradoxical interconnection between technology and nature. The images trace the lifecycle of birds, from breeding to death, including their immortalization as stuffed animals. Topics depicted include bird species collection, behavioral research, webcam and GPS tracking, and genomics-based breeding.