Ruins from Rabot (2021) 

Since the 1970s, three, seventeen-story towers have symbolized the Rabot neighborhood. At one time they were inhabited by nearly six hundred residents. Although a lively community developed around the residential blocks, the neighborhood often came under negative attention. Fights, vandalism and nuisance caused a bad image of the neighborhood. In 2009 it was decided to gradually demolish the towers one by one, the residential blocks were declared uninhabitable. For this, eight new buildings with apartments and community facilities will be constructed, this was part of the plan to bring the neighborhood out of its isolation.

In 2013, the demolition of the first Rabot Tower began. It was a special moment in which the neighborhood came together to see how a piece of history will be demolished. Two years later, in 2015, the demolition of the second tower began. Meanwhile, construction began on the new apartments and amenities. Four years later, the demolition of the third and final Rabot Tower began.